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Sorry my updates have been weak and distant.
What happens to all men happens rapidly.
What happens to one man takes a little longer.
Thanks for being patient.
August, 2006.

The Chris and Lori Rock Links

Page #1. The latest UFO Sighting: Mostly Video taped sightings.
Page #2. Other UFO Sightings.: UFO Pictures & Some UFO Videos.
Page #3. Old UFO Sighting.: My Old Recreated UFO sightings, Close Encounters page.
Page #4. Art & Craft.: On the drawing board art page.
Page #5. Implant Story.: Possible Alien Implant? X-ray and Story.
Page #6. Empty.: Empty.
Page #7. Empty.: Empty.
Page #8. Little about Me and my Wife.: Me, Wife, Kids, House, Yard.
Page #9. Old Front Page Pictures.: Old front Page Pics.
Page #10. Empty: Empty.
Page #12: Empty.
Page #13: Empty.
THE UTAH UFO HUNTERS.: Utah leading Website for UFO stories.

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