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" Video Clip: June 29,2002. "
" Video Clip: April 13,2002. "
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This web page lacks a lot of detail do to location of the sightings. I can not give to much information on the locations because most of the sightings are seen from private property.


I told myself I was not going to post any sightings I didn't have actual photos or video of the sighting, unfortunately you can't get them all on video.

July 8, 2003

I took my wife to work with me on tuesday night July 8. Before I go in to work I usually sit out in the car and watch the sky. Just as I was getting ready to go in, I pulled in front of the building and my wife seen a cluster of 6 objects above and a little east of us. I looked up at this triangle formation of spherical objects moving to the South. (Dime size at arms length) I grabbed the camcorder but the lights in front of the building was to bright and reflected into the camera lens. This caused a flush of light over the taping. There was no picture taken. (Bummer!) Time and Date: 1:35 am, July 9,03
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July 2, 2003

My wife and I was in the car at the end of our driveway facing West. A flashing object came from the North to the South. This object blinked once as it was above and behind the car. I got out and with a small "Blue light" pocket flashlight I started flashing at it. The object flashed approximately every 8 seconds. one of the flashes you can see the beam come around the object before it hit us. We got back into the car and watched the sky some more.
" Video Clip: July 2,2003. Flashing light.(PS. This is not a July Firework) "
This clip had to be shortened for downloading time.

Shortly after a airplane came from the South to the North almost right over us and opened two light ports under the wings. This was not like regular landing lights I have seen before. The ports opened like doll eyes (the ones you lay on there back to close the eyes and stand them up to open them). The port covers opened from the front to back. I have watched airplanes coming and leaving the magna area most my life but this hit me as strange, so I tryed to get some video of it. For one reason we are about 15 miles from the airport and we was just flashing the small flashlight at a object in the sky.
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I don't have any super special story that go with these pictures other them I was doing a little sky watching on June 27 2003, when I caught these objects on tape. one is in a big hurry to the west over Magna. The other looks like he is on his way home. Up and away!

" Video Clip: June 27,2003. Speeding object moving west. "

These two pictures above are taken one year apart.

The picture on the left was taken in 2002 of a object over head in Salt Lake. Object appears to be moving away from the planet.

The picture on the right was taken in 2003 of a object over head in Salt Lake. This object also appears to be moving away from the planet.

The video clip for the 2002 is not as good as the other but the video itself is much longer and as equally impressive.
" Video Clip: June 27,2003. Clip NOT AS GOOD."

" Video Clip: July 10 2002. BETTER Clip. "
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June 4 2003, 2:30 am to 4:00 am Magna was crawling with UFO activity on the 4 of June 2003. My wife and I was doing a little sky watching from the driveway of our Magna home. In just a couple of hours we seen and video taped 10 moving objects. Most of the objects was single moving objects travelling from North to South and South to North. One of the sightings was a pair of object's moving to the South, one behind the other. At arms length the object was 1.5" to 2" apart. One NOT caught on tape was ( My wife calls a grey shooting star.) This Grey shooting star was not bright in the sky but a dimly lit shooting object. with no visible tail like a shooting star. This object was in comparison to the other object twice as close. This could be so close as 1 mile above Magna.
These pictures I added show my house in one and the line of sight of objects. The other picture shows the night sky on June 2003, the circle area is over head and slightly south of us. One star not visible in video is called Altair. This is not Orions Belt.

"Video Clip: WITH TIME STAMP. "
The clip above is done in real time. Objects moving South. video clip with time stamp shows; Stars, Tree top, and Moving objects.

The clip with time/date stamp is the first of seeing the 2 objects. The one without the time/date stamp is after jumpping out of the car to video tape. I didn't know after jumping from the car if these were the objects, only after watching the video in the house I seen I did have them on tape. Time/Date stamp got turned off at the time I jumped out of the car.

In the Lighter clip above has 4 lights in the picture 2 in the center are moving objects, file is running backwards making objects moving upwards, and the file has been modified to 60 frames per-second. so objects will move faster.

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"Video Clip: side by side video. "
The 2 objects moving ( Side by Side ) came over the car from the West to the East and from the front of the car to the back on the right side of us. the video was shot through the 'T'top of the car. object could have been at least 100' feet above us, hight un-known.
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