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1.  The summer of 1972, I was 13 years old.
I  was leaving my friends house. His parents was having a back yard 
party that night. I was Leaving North out there driveway at about 
10:00 PM. I was walking behind my friends parents as they walk one 
of there friends out to his car. As I looked up at the back of there 
heads  a single point of light shot west bound in the sky. 
The point of light broke into two points of lights and them two 
points of lights broke into two points of lights equaling four lights
and faded out of sight at the same time. 
 This happened in a area of six inches at arms length over there 
heads in the northern sky.(my friends parents friend seen it because 
he pointed it out at the same time I seen it. I don't believe anyone 
else seen it). 
2. The fall of 1993, at the employee's entrance of Abbott critical care. A bright flash of light in the Southeastern sky, the sky was clear and full of stars. The flash was about 1/4 the size of the moon. Just after it happened a little Asian boy asked if I seen it to. Time was around 10:00 PM.
3. March 3,1995. I video taped a day time sighting at 3:15 PM Saturday. It looked like a silver ball as it came in from the East to the West, as it got closer to my house it looked like two objects. as it reached magna it turned North over the tailings pond. Just before it got out of sight it seemed to stop as the smaller looking silver ball moved away from the other dropping 20 to 50 feet down. Then it swung up the left side of the main silver ball, keeping the 20 to 50 foot distance away from the main body, then it slipped out of sight. "I believe it could have been a silver balloon not shore, but the cloud the object came over blew over the east mountain." After reviewing the tape in March of 2000 I found an unexpected object on the video tape. the other object was a silver ball like object.
4. August 18,1995. Friday night, I had bought a night vision scope some days before but I didn't have anything to do that night so I thought I would lay out on the back deck and look at the stars. I didn't have intention of seeing anything unusual. I watched a satellite moving from Northwest to the Southeast. Then I seen "at the moment" I thought it was a grand opening light panning the sky. And I thought if a ground basest light could reach a satellite and reflect it back to the Earth. Well the light panning across the sky came in from the South and turned to the West and straitened out heading West. In the night vision scope it was about 15 to 20 points of lights in a half circle or boomerang shape. As I removed the night vision from my eye the lights could not be seen. As the light past over me I kept checking to see if I could see the lights with my naked eye but I assume the light was not in our atmosphere. The light was not reflected light off the lens because as the lights went over my house I turned a complete 180 degrees to watch as they went out of sight. Time was 11:20 PM.
5. August 25,1995. I seen two sets of light in a 'V' shape. One following the other moving North to South. Seen through night vision scope. Time 11:42 PM. I thought it was two flocks of geese with the city lights reflecting off there chests, but it was very, very quiet you could not hear any geese honking.
(This just for my reference) September 1,1996. Lori and I went to Area 51 for the first time, did not see nothing. May 3,1997 Lori and I went to Area 51 again seen nothing.
6. June 26,1997. ( white spot day time. ) My wife, myself, and our blue gold macaw was sitting out on the back deck of our house when the bird affixed his eyes on something in the sky. My wife and I looked to see what the bird was looking at. we seen a small white spot moving from Southwest to Northeast. As it moved out of sight we seen a military jet moving in the same path, at the same speed, and looked like he had it on full speed we could hear the jet motor and see the vapor trail. The jet was one third bigger then the spot, the spot made no sound. Time was 5:45 PM as it went out of sight.
7. September 15, 1998. ( spherical object. 2' at arms length. ) Tuesday morning in Salt Lake City, at the Westminster College. It was 4:00 am and I just stepped out the back door of the Bamberger building with a bag of trash and a cup of coffee. I put the trash in a trash can and stopped to drink some coffee. I was having problems with the batteries in my laser pointer that I use for my work. I was pointing it towards jupiter in the western sky. I only had it on for about 1 to 2 minutes when in a blink of an eye a solid spherical object appeared over the Gore building about 150' to 200' feet off the ground. It startled me so I turned off the laser pointer and watched it for the time it set there, (about 2 to 3 sec.) it did not bob or weave, it sat as if it was locked in place. then in an instant it was moving about 60 mph across the top of the building in front of me then turning to move past me on my right, almost strait over my head, it looked like it was only 60 feet in the air as it passed over, the size was about 2' feet wide at arms length ) it did not make a bit of sound at all or even make a breeze, I could see the bottom of the object and up the side, the top was black reflecting the night sky, a band around the lower middle reflecting the city lights and it had a reddish glowing tint on the bottom. the texture on the bottom was like it had small pits and pings, very much crater like. As it passed over I ran under it to see it out the other side of the tree cover, but before I could clear the trees I heard a bang sound, when I got into the clearing the object was gone. ( I am not sure if the sound was related to the object or not.)
"Click here to see another Sketch from a different angle."

---<( MUOFN Summery Report By Guy Richardson MUFON Investigator.)>--- I met with Mr. Chris Rock, at his home Saturday, October 21,2000 to take his statement regarding the UFO sighting he witnessed on July 6,2000, the details of which are included in a separate report. During the course of the interview Mr.Rock recounted another sighting witnessed on 15 September 98 that had not been submitted to MUFON until now. While the reconstruction of a UFO sighting that occurred two years ago poses obvious problems for the investigator, it should be noted that the witness made a written account of the incident within days of the its occurrence. The information contained in this report corroborates remarkably well with the account of two years ago. Mr.Rock's web site is: http://rockc.tripod.com. Subsequent to our first meeting, Mr. Rock accompanied me to the Westminster campus where we reviewed the sighting on location and made measurements to establish the distance to the UFO from the witness when first and last seen during the course of the sighting. There are ample points of geographic reference on the campus to establish, with a high degree of confidence, thedistance to the object; however, the estimation of the apperent size of the object is made with leddcertainty. The narrative that follows reflects calculations of size and distance based on these measurements that, while stated in exact figures, should be regarded as the best approximations obtainable without the aid of special equipment. At 4:00AM on the morning of September 15 1998, Mr. Rock was working at Westminster College located at 1840 South, 1300 East, in Salt Lake City. He had stepped outside to throw away trash and sip some coffee. The witness stated that the night was cool, around 65 degrees; visibility was clear without any clouds. While facing west, sipping coffee, he fired his laser pointer, which is used at work to identify areas that require cleaning, into the sky in the general direction of Jupiter+. Within a minute or two of firing the laser, a gray, spherical object, calculated to be 70 feet in diameter*, appeared, in the western sky, hovering over an adjacent building at a distance of 260 feet from the witness at an altitude of 40 feet above the ground. The appearance of the object was sudden and was not preceded by movement from some other location. It simply appeared. Upon seeing the object, the witness turned off the laser pointer. Mr.Rock stated that at that moment he was quite awed by what he was seeing and doesn't recall feeling or thinking much in the ensuing moment. The object sat completely motionless for 2 to 3 seconds then moved north toward the witness at a speed estimated to be 60 mph**. Witness stated that the object had no apparent period of acceleration; i.e. the object was motionless one instant and then moving at 60 mph the next, without any incremental increase in speed. He watched the object pass over him, headong northeast when lost from view as the object passed behind a building. The moment before the sphere moved out of view was when it was in closest proximity to the witness: 60 feet away at an altitude of 40 feet, with a calculated diameter of 58 feet*. During these last few moments, the witness observed the underside of the sphere, which he described as "Reddish, pinkish with pits and pings and very much crater-like". He added that, apart from the bottom, the object was smooth,gray and featureless. Witness also said he felt as if the object was aware of him. As the object passed over the witness it went behind some trees and continued east behind a building. The witness pursued the object on foot but before he could clear the tree cover he heard a bang and when he came into a clearing the object was nowhere to be seen. Witness stated that he then returned to work and was very excited but was not able to relate the story to any of his co-workers because he doesn't speak much Spanish and they do not speak English. Witness said that he was not able to sleep more than a couple of hours during the next two days because he was so excited and impressed with what he had seen. After a couple days the witness contacted Peter Davenport, at the National UFO Reporting Center, who was given permission to tape the conversation. That conver- sation was aired about a week later on the Art Bell's "Coast to Coast" radio program and should be made available when archive conversation, at that web site, is completed. Witness stated that during the entire event no sound was heard coming from the sphere nor was there any perceptible emission of any kind. There was no disturbance to the immediate surroundings caused by the object. Astronomical data for the date and time of sighting: Moon: 18 degrees altitude; 84 degrees azimuth, 16% waning crescent Jupiter: 23 degrees altitude; 241 degrees azimuth +Data confirm the witness's statement regarding Jupiter's position in the sky. The moon, while low in the sky, would have been behind the witness in the east. *Calculated diameter of the object is made for when the object was first and last seen. There is a difference of 12 feet between the two perspectives that probably reflect an uncertainty of the actual size rather than to suggest the object changed its size. **Based on a total distance of 310 feet traveled by the UFO from initial sighting to when last observed, the calculated speed is 70mph if the time required was 3 seconds or 53mph if 4 seconds had elapsed.
8. September 8, 1999 clusters, 3 gropes, two in one direction, one in the other. Size was less then pea size, groups was dime size. I was out in the front yard doing some yard work, This was just before I came in the house I looked up and seen a cluster of objects moving in a south east direction. I came in the house and told my wife what I seen and walked out the back door to see if I could see some more. just after I got out on the back deck another group past over heading in the same direction. I yelled out for my wife to come out to see and just then a another group past over going in the opposite direction heading into the north west.
9. March 8, 2000 Time 5:37 am. (Yellowish White glowing disk, Dime size at arms length.) My wife and I was leaving the house, as I stept out the front door and looked up as a yellowish white glowing disk shaped object shot over from the east to the west. Not sure of the height off the ground. My first thought was that it was a page of yellow legal paper blowing over the house, but the size would have put it closer to the ground and not being able to making it over the house across the street.
The house across the street to the West at arms length is about 10" wide. The wind was coming from the (south) and the object was moving to the West. The object had a jumping movement like the teeth in a zipper.
10. April 20, 2000 Time 9:23 pm.-An Orange point of light-Duration, All of one second. I was driving west on western drive on my way to work where a Orange point of light came from over the great salt lake comming East swinging to it right and then swinging to its left and vanishing to the North. The next morning April 21, 2000. I called one of the MUFON people at her home and told her about the sighting but did not want to make a report. A couple of days later on the Art Bell Radio show some women from North Salt Lake seen two sets of cluster objects at the same time I seen the single point of light.
11. July 6,2000 Time, 11:14 pm. Shape, Boomerang. Size, half dollar at arms length. Duration, 20 seconds. I arrived at the Institute of Religion on 1535 South Edison in Salt Lake City at 11:14 pm and was getting out of my car when I seen an object through the sun roof. I got out of the car and looked up to see a Boomerang Shaped Object moving from the Northwest to the Southeast. I watched as it moved about a mile or more until it slipped out of site. The Object did not have any lights on it but reflected light from the ground and did not make a sound.
This is what the Boomerang looked like just before it slipped out of sight.
" See this pic in motion click here:Animated Boomerang Drawing"
Blue Green Fireball.
This ball like or spherical craft was a dark green/blue in the center and had flaring like a July sparkler. Object came towards me and clicked off or vanished.