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Alien Implant Or Not?

Interesting Story.

When I was little around 1965, I was at least 6 years old. I would spend a lot of my nights at my Grandmaís house in down town magna. My Grandmaís house was moderately big but like a lot of houses of that time had big rooms but fewer of them. In the master bed room there was 2 beds. One was for my Grandma and Grandpa. The other bed was shared by there 7 daughters. At this time My Grandpa has been dead for about 20 years and all there children have grown and moved away and the second bed in there room was not slept in.

One night seemed to stick in my mind more then anything. I know I told my mother about it the next day, but was blown off as a little kids imagination. One night as I watched TV on the sofa in the living room at my Grandmaís house And I fell asleep like many nights before. I was awaken not by a touch or anything I can think of, but I was sitting on the edge of the other bed in my grandmaís bed room, My legs hanging off the edge. This bed was high enough that for a little kid to get up on it I would have to clime up on my stomach and roll over to sit up. Anyway, I woke up on the edge and there was a ( at the time I thought it was a Ghost ). It was right at the end of my knees if I lifted my hand up off my lap I could have touched it but instead I let out a scream, But not a sound came out. The thing seemed to float away from me Past my Grandma as she laid asleep in her bed and out the windows through the glass. I donít recall anything after that, I donít think I spent the rest of the night in the bed but I donít remember.

Moving on 7 years later. Age 13. Me and a friend of mine would go on over night hikes on the ocher foot hills of magna. This was something we would do almost every year just before the school year would start, Kind of a last thing to do for the end of summer. One night we hiked up to the same place were we had slept before and laid out our bags And started a fire and talked about stupid stuff like normal kids and ended up going To sleep. I woke in the middle of the night scratching a knot in the center of my upper lip with my bottom teeth. I got a flash light out to look at my lip in a mirror and I noticed some ants on the ground by the fire, Thinking I must have got a bite from the ants I dragged my sleeping bag away from the ants and went back to sleep. The next morning I woke up and seen Bart coming down the hill. I think he was coming back from using the bathroom. As he got closer to me I seen he was itching his upper lip with his bottom teeth. I asked him if he had a knot in his lip too, we figured we got bit by a mosquito or ants. (Whatís the chance of two people getting one mosquito bite or ant bite each on the same part of the body.)

After the age of 13 I notice I would get a sharp pain on the front of my lower leg when I would hop up on something were I would have the front of my leg holding my weight. It felt like I was kneeling On a peace of gravel. Later I found a small object under the skin on top of the bone. This little object could be pushed up and down the front of the leg. One day I was showing it to my wife, the object slid around the bone to the back side. I have not felt it since. I have not had it X-rayed, so I donít know if it is still in my leg.

Moving on to Feb 7 1995, I was having some ear aches, So I went to the Doctor to see what is wrong. The doctor had me put my head into a little cat scan for X-Rays of my sinuses. The Doctor came back with my X-Rays and put them in the light board and pointed out a spot in my left eye socket And Said, I donít know what this is? But Let me show you what we need to do. Later that night my Wife and I was joking around about the thing I have in my head, saying things like watch what you say, and put your finger over your tear duct so they cant hear you. Shortly after this I had the UFO sighting at the Westminster college on Sept 1998. Since then I have been trying to video tape objects that fly annual over Salt Lake city.

Created December 2002

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