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Hello my name is Chris, I'm Greek Orthodox living in Salt Lake City with
My Wife Lori, My boys, Bones, Damiun, Rudy and My little girl Empish.

This is my wife Lori and my boy Bones.
Bones Died of Old age, with ear infection, and a stroke.
We got him as a pup, found under my parents car on a very rainy stormy day of Febuary 1987. He lived a good life. Died at home in our bed room.

This is my girl Impish, sweeter then the sweetest.

This is me and my other boy Damiun.

Little Rudy Died of old age
April 30,1989 thru November 29,2001.
This is my little boy Rudy taking a nap,
The best kid in the house.

Well the Garage has been done since March 1, 2000

and it only took 10 years to give the house a face lift.
This is a old Picture taken in the Summer of 1990. That is the 160.lb Me on the right.
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Back yard project.
Spring Vacation 2001

5 dump truck loads of dirt, two months of labor.
And one too many burgers.